Aquabis Tablet in Bihar

Aquabis Tablet Suppliers in Bihar

Aquabis Tablet Suppliers in Bihar

BSA Pharma Inc. is your trusted partner for a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including the highly regarded Aquabis Tablet in Bihar. As dedicated Aquabis Tablet Suppliers in Bihar, we understand the importance of this medication in healthcare. Our commitment is to provide healthcare providers with dependable access to Aquabis Tablet in Bihar, ensuring its availability when needed. As Aquabis Tablet Traders in Bihar, we prioritise efficiency and reliability in our operations.

Aquabis Tablet Wholesalers in Bihar

Our extensive distribution network in Bihar ensures that the Aquabis Tablet is easily accessible to those who rely on it for various medical needs. We also proudly serve as Aquabis Tablet Wholesalers in Bihar, reaching healthcare facilities across the region. We are dedicated to contributing significantly to improving healthcare accessibility in Bihar through our dependable pharmaceutical distribution. As an Aquabis Tablet Distributor in Bihar, we uphold ethical business practices and transparency as our guiding principles. Thank you for considering us as your trusted source for Aquabis Tablet in Bihar.

Aquamin 1825mg
(Red algae derived multi-mineral matrix)
eq. to elemental calcium 600mg
(existing as Calcite 391.3mg,Aragonite 138.4mg,Vaterite 72.2mg)
eq. to elemental magnesium 45mg
74 Trace Minerals 65mg
(Including Potassium,Phosphorus,Copper,Boron,Manganese,Sodium Chloride,Selenium,Sulphur etc.)
Vitamin K2-7 45mcg
Vitamin D3 400IU
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