Osteoporosis Products

Osteoporosis Products in Ambala

The condition of osteoporosis is commonly known as the state of weakened bones or sudden bone fracture. In addition, it is also defined as the situation of porous bone which means low bone strength and mass. Moreover, it also develops painful syndromes which eventually become unbearable. Now, meet BSA Pharma Inc. one of the most dignified and reputed companies that offer a complete relieving experience to patients of arthritis and osteoporosis. Moreover, we also provide Osteoporosis Products in Ambala in the best possible price range. In addition, we have a comprehensive understanding of product quality and are committed to servicing the latest facilities so that we can ensure a quick delivery. Despite this, you can also send enquiry to our team for Osteoarthritis Medicine. Now, without any further searching just get in touch with our reliable services. 

Best Osteoporosis Products Suppliers in Ambala 

We at BSA Pharma Inc. cover an extensive range of medical products that helps to mitigate bone pain and various types of ache. Moreover, we are the Best Osteoporosis Products Wholesalers in India. In addition, we are the provider of Dexabone tablets, Osteobis D3 tablets, and Osteobis-D3 shots. Moreover, we aim to serve our easily accessible and effortless services at your doorsteps. Despite this, you can also avail of our Muscle Relaxants products. Now, make your smart choice with us and get associated with our affordable services. 

Reliable Osteoporosis Products Traders in India 

BSA Pharma Inc. is the most trusted and versatile name in the pharmaceutical sector. Moreover, we are the Top Osteoporosis Products Distributor in India. Therefore, we are dealing in both minimum and maximum order quantity. The USP of our product consists the comprehensive information about the tablets, along with our team of professional employees checking the complete parameter of the product so that we can offer wellness to our customers. 

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Dexabone Tablet

Tablet 1:

Strontium Citrate 350mg

Tablet 2:

Calcium Orotate 600mg
Magnesium Orotate 200mg
MSM 100mg
Vitamin K27 90mcg
Boron 10mg
Alfacalcidol 0.25mcg
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Ibracal Kit

Combikit of Ibandronic Acid Tablets,Calcium Carbonate,Vitamin D3 & Zinc Tablets Combipack of 31 tablets
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Osteobis D3 Capsules

CHOLECALCIFEROL-60,000 I.U 4x1x10 Softgel
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Osteobis D3 Shots

CHOLECALCIFEROL 60,000 I.U 4*5ml(glass bottle)
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Osteobis D3 Sachets

Cholecalciferol 60,0000 IU
(Vitamin D3)
20X1 gm sachets
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